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Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic for Allergies, Colds & Sinusitis Treatment in Cary, Morrisville & Preston, NC

Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic for Allergies, Colds & Sinusitis Treatment in Cary, Morrisville & Preston, NC

Diagnosing your own illness can be a difficult task year-round. Even if the weather is cold and you have a stuffy nose, sometimes cold symptoms can be misleading. At AFC Urgent Care in Cary, Morrisville and Preston NC, our experienced doctors and physicians focus on diagnosing our patients correctly and quickly. One of the first steps in diagnosing and treatment of a sickness versus an allergy is to know the difference between various illnesses.

Here is some more information on what may be causing those sniffles:

Colds: Symptoms are similar to allergy symptoms, but can also include a sore throat, fever, and body aches. Most colds happen over the span of a few days and clear up relatively fast.

Allergies: Symptoms include a runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, wheezing, or watery itchy eyes. Allergies are usually set off by being exposed to a specific allergen, so you’ll notice that they reoccur often, rather than hitting you hard like a cold.

Sinusitis: The symptoms of sinusitis are very specific to the nasal area. From a swollen, painful feeling around your forehead and cheeks to a very stuffy nose, the indicators of sinusitis are noticeable and can last up to four weeks. Nasal symptoms can also be accompanied by a sore throat and colored mucus.

Whether you have a cold, allergies or sinusitis, the first step to diagnosing your illness is noticing the correct symptoms. Another year-round problem that our family doctors and physicians often see at our AFC Urgent Care family care clinic in Cary, Morrisville and Preston, NC is earwax build-up. Build up of earwax is a gradual process, and often a painful one. When your ear glands make more earwax than necessary, build-up often occurs and blocks the ears. Attempting to clean out the wax can often push it deeper into the ear, causing more pain and build-up.

At our walk-in clinic in Cary, Morrisville and Preston we can help clear your earwax quickly and efficiently, with no appointment necessary. We look forward to helping you with all your illness symptoms at AFC Urgent Care!


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